Friend Request Movie & Other Scary Movies Coming to O’neil Cinemas This Fall


IT has already made a killing (pun intended) at the box office, breaking records and exciting audiences in its first two opening weekends.

But there are more scary movies coming to O’neil Cinemas in Epping, NH: Friend Request (September 21), Flatliners (September 28), Happy Death Day (October 12), and Jigsaw (October 26). (Note: Movies are subject to availability.)

Friend Request

Friend Request movie follows a popular college student who accepts a social outcast’s online request but soon encounters a demonic presence that starts killing all of her friends. Might make you think twice about accepting your next Facebook friend. Stars Alycia Debnam-Carey, Brit Morgan, William Moseley, Connor Paolo, and Brooke Markham.


Flatliners is a reboot of the classic thriller from the ’90s about medical students stopping their hearts and experiencing the after-life. This one stars Ellen Page, Nina Dobrev, James Norton, and Diego Luna.

Happy Death Day

If you love Groundhog Day and horror movies, then you’ll probably love the premise of Happy Death Day, which follows a college student who relives the day of her murder over and over again (and it just happens to be her birthday). Can she uncover her killer’s identity and start a new day alive? This fun, original premise makes this one of the most anticipated horror films of the fall.


You thought he was dead, but suddenly bodies are turning up around the city with clues pointing toward one man: John Kramer, aka Jigsaw, the mastermind behind the murders in the Saw series. But it’s been 10 years. Why are these killings happening again? Is he really dead? Who’s behind the murders? Find out when Jigsaw premieres this October.

Have a movie marathon and see all of the new horror releases at O’neil Cinemas at Brickyard Square in Epping, NH. Click here for Tickets and Showtimes.

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