Tugg Movie Events Banner
Want to see a classic film return to theaters? How about an independent film that doesn’t have a wide distribution? Tugg Inc. can make either one of these movie events happen at O’neil Cinemas.

Here’s how it works:

  • • Fill out a request form on Tugg’s site to pick what movie you want, what date, and where (O’neil Cinemas!).
  • • After the event gets approved by both parties (O’neil and Tugg), O’neil Cinemas will start promoting the event on the Tugg event page.


  • • In order for the movie to be shown, O’neil Cinemas needs to sell enough tickets before the deadline, so make sure to encourage your friends to secure a seat for your movie. However, if the ticket threshold is not met, the movie won’t be shown and no one will be charged.
  • • On the other hand, if the threshold is met, ticket-buyers can just show up for their movie at the scheduled time and enjoy the show.

For more information on Tugg, visit the official Tugg website. If you have any other questions, contact O’neil Cinemas on our Contact Us page or call at (603) 679-3556.