5 Movies You Forgot Chris Pratt Was In


This June, Chris Pratt returns as Owen Grady in the Jurassic World sequel Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom.

In recent years, the actor has shown up in everything from westerns (The Magnificent Seven) to sci-fi superhero movies (Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers Infinity War) to space romances (Passengers). But do you remember that he was in these movies?

5 Movies You Forgot Chris Pratt Was In

Wanted (2008)
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In Wanted, James McAvoy plays a frustrated office worker who learns that his father was an assassin and that he shares his father’s superpowers. Pratt doesn’t get to get in on the bullet-curving action, as he had a small role as Barry.


Bride Wars (2009)

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In this comedy about two lifelong friends (Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway) who are planning their weddings together with insanely competitive results, Pratt played Hathaway’s fiance. Fletcher.


Jennifer’s Body (2009)

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In this horror comedy, Jennifer (Megan Fox) seemingly romances, and kills, everyone. Blink and you might miss Officer Roman Duda, played by Pratt.


Moneyball (2011)

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Pratt shared screen time with Brad Pitt in this Academy Award-nominated film. In the sports drama about coach Billy Beane’s use of computer-generated analysis to acquire new players, Pratt plays Oakland A’s baseball player Scott Hatteberg.


Her (2013)

chris pratt

In this futuristic romance from Spike Jonze, Pratt plays one of Joaquin Phoenix’s co-workers, donning high-waisted pants, loose-fitting shirts, and yes, that mustache. The film was nominated for five Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture.

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